The APG Creative Strategy Awards Shortlist 2009: Eurostar

Planned by: Mother
Agency: Mother
Brand: Eurostar
Campaign: Somers Town


Advertising usually works best when it's single-minded. Yet the legacy of Eurostar's redevelopment of the Somers Town area around St Pancras was anything but singular. Not just high-speed linkage but wonder, anticipation, escape, personal growth, cultural harmony and so on. More the rich layers of a movie narrative than an advertising campaign.

Conventional best-practice brand-integration models were considered but discarded. By thinking more about what audiences want from movies than about how Eurostar might fit in, a new "emotional placement" model emerged. The result was Shane Meadows' acclaimed Somers Town. Not a movie written around shots of Eurostar trains but around the emotions evoked by the St Pancras redevelopment.

As the definition of what "advertising" is expands and blurs, there's a lot to be learned from this paper. As The Guardian puts it, it's "a film that made me want to travel ... maybe to Paris, and maybe by a train, a fast train under the Channel. Curse those nice feelings, that intangible stuff. Sometimes it's the most powerful stuff there is."