The APG Creative Strategy Awards Shortlist 2009: Nike 5

Planned by: Paul Colman, Graeme Douglas
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy
Brand: Nike 5
Campaign: Show your five


How do you take an established conventional sports brand on to the streets without looking like a gatecrasher? Nike was the choice of the football world, but a new opportunity had opened up with the small-sided urban football played in estates, not on football pitches.

Immersion in the way that urban footballers lived and played showed that football meant something different to them than it did to the establishment. Instead of being a chance to win, it was a chance for self-expression. Communications were built around an idea that captured the meaning of football played on urban estates under the gaze of CCTV cameras - "watch me now". This yielded a new manner of expression (CCTV and mobile phone cameras used to record the footage used in the films), a new game (Nike 5, a branded form of urban football) and a new lease of life for Nike (millions engaging with the brand online and thousands taking part in the branded tournament).

This paper was simply and persuasively argued, proving that a compelling business case flows from deep engagement with the audience.