The APG Creative Strategy Awards Shortlist 2009: Nokia Supernova 7610

Planned by: Andrew Stirk, Kevin Chesters
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy
Brand: Nokia Supernova 7610
Campaign: Somebody else's phone


There was a lot of sound planning displayed in the launch of Nokia's Supernova range. Stuff such as recognising that the way to appeal to young people these days is to fit into their culture rather than stand out from it.

Clocking that the rise of voyeurism and the redrawing of personal boundaries is one of the defining characteristics of the current age. And eschewing the passivity of one-way broadcast in favour of more participatory forms of storytelling.

But this paper comes alive once the upstream planning ends. And the downstream shaping of communication begins. Because this is a story about "communication design". About the ongoing role of a small multi-skilled team in producing a consumer co-created e-drama. A story with multiple plotlines that ran across a whole host of platforms and markets. A team that responded to audience suggestions, using them to inform the direction of the narrative from week to week.

It gives us a glimpse of what the future of "creative development" will look like as our old specialist disciplines converge and we reawaken to the fact that talented people can do more than one thing at once.