The APG Creative Strategy Awards Shortlist 2009: Orange

Planned by: Mother
Agency: Mother
Brand: Orange
Campaign: Gold spot


The old adage about the ads being better than the programme is alive and well here.

The first thing that strikes you about this campaign is its sheer longevity without losing lustre. The lasting impression is of a brand that still believes in the magic of a great cinema ad versus just bunging on the longer version of whatever's running on the telly. Whatever else the Orange brand may be saying, and it seems to be saying all sorts, the focus, consistency and commitment to this activity is laudable.

As well as conferring Hollywood-size credibility and stature on the brand, it is one of those special ideas that get better, and funnier, as the complexity and detail of the phone function to be promoted increases.

This is all possible because someone has sought to understand the consumption moment. By creating a campaign that marries proper entertainment around a point of genuine utility, the campaign achieves the dual objective of preparing you for what's to come while also removing the stress of unwelcome mobile interruption. You've got to love the brand for that, even if you're about to watch High School Musical 9.