The APG Creative Strategy Awards Shortlist 2009: Stella Artois 4%

Planned by: Mother
Agency: Mother
Brand: Stella Artois 4%
Campaign: La nouvelle smooth


Stella Artois' turn-of-the-century rural Belgian village world is, arguably, the brand's most valuable asset - and one that's hard to walk away from. But, for all its advertising resonance, this was not a world to which the 4% drinker aspired. More than anything else, Stella 4% needed to leave the village.

So where do you look for a new brand world? Inspiration came from the product. Smoothness might be a well-worn product benefit, but as an idea for a brand world, it's rather more interesting. And what could be smoother than the 60s To Catch A Thief Riviera? (A world that also retains Stella's association with European cinema and gives 4% instant authenticity.)

The brief was not a piece of paper, but a film (with a jazz-xylophone version of the famous Stella music). It inspired a 4% world of smooth characters, living smooth lifestyles, planning smooth escapades.

We felt this paper is a great example of solving a problem by asking a different question. Not what should we say or how should we say it, but where should we set it?