The APG Creative Strategy Awards Shortlist 2009: Volkswagen

Planned by: Vincent Thome, Chris Wood, Charles Hayes
Agency: Tribal DDB
Brand: Volkswagen
Campaign: The new volkswagen.co.uk


Many of the shortlisted examples crystallise a brilliant insight into an inspiring briefing. Here's something rather different: planning created not just one brief but an 18-month long "living wall of briefs" for Volkswagen's new website.

People used to do their car-buying research on foot. Now they do it online: manufacturers' websites have, effectively, taken on the role of dealerships. Planning saw an opportunity for VW to put the customer centre stage; to create an online experience that perfectly matched peoples' experiential as well as rational needs across the 13 stages they typically go through when they're buying a new car. Every corner of the website experience was subject to planning scrutiny. Every stage of the customer journey was built around specific insights, resulting in the living wall of briefs.

The result of this painstaking attention to detail is a welcome departure from the hard-sell norm; a relaxed, user-oriented experience that moves people effortlessly towards their new car. And the paper is a must-read for anyone wondering how planning might help inform website design.