Appeal to kids, sell to parents conference, speaker in the spotlight: Joanne Gray

Joanne Gray, marketing director, Tomy
Joanne Gray, marketing director, Tomy

What kids trend is dominating your job at the moment?

From a media perspective, it’d be multi-screen viewing with the rise of tablets and mobiles.  From a product perspective, again it would relate to technology and the influence of that in toy play.

If you had three wishes for your brand, how many would you use and what would they be?

  1. To alter the (mis)perception that TOMY is just a preschool brand (we do lots of boys toys too!)
  2. To launch the next "hot toy" that everyone is talking about and everyone wants

If you had one recommendation for those looking to maximize the level of engagement with their children and parents, what would it be?

Millenial parents are very savvy, they know when they are being marketed to; they expect companies to be transparent and honest and prefer companies / brands  that  "speak to them" rather than "at them".  So deploying social media techniques that spark conversation and make them feel listened to can help engagement and ultimately brand advocacy.

What do you hope to gain from gathering with other marketing leaders at Appeal to Kids & Sell to Parents?

There is always something to learn, the ever changing media landscape and changing consumer behaviours always fascinates me, so keen to take out some new insights.

What session, other than your own, are you most looking forward to at Appeal to Kids & Sell to Parents? 

Insight into the next generation.

Joanne will be speaking the Channel Conundrum panel session looking at how to make your marketing mix have maximum impact