Apple ad dodges ASA ban

LONDON - A TV ad demonstrating applications for the Apple iPhone has escaped a ban by the Advertising Standards Authority.

Ten people complained the ad was misleading for stating that a large range of downloadable apps were available only on the iPhone, as the T-Mobile G1 phone had a similar application marketplace.

Apple UK said that the claim was meant to be read in conjunction with the phrase: "There’s an app for just about everything."

The company pointed out that its App Store offered a considerably higher number of applications compared with its competitors, including the Android Market that supplied applications for the G1 phone.

Clearcast said that although not all the applications in the ad were exclusive to Apple, the number and variety of applications available on the iPhone exceeded those available on any other phone.

The ASA felt viewers would understand the voiceover's claim "only on the iPhone" alluded to the unique experience available to iPhone users and not that Apple was the only company to offer applications for mobile phones.

The watchdog concluded the claim was justified and ruled that no further action was necessary.