Has Apple created another breakthrough tech device?

The iPhone 6, though much anticipated, was OK but rather underwhelming.

Apple Watch
Apple Watch

It lacked the usual earth-shattering, breakthrough drama that we have come to expect from Apple and turned out to be the same old stuff, updated.

My initial reaction to the Apple Watch was, "Oh. It’s a watch". And it didn’t fill me with confidence that one of the first selling points was that it automatically adjusts to the local time zone – hardly a difficult task. But Apple has a very practised and seductive way of selling its products, and the more I heard, the more I was seduced.

I like the way Apple creates products around its existing devices – this is what sells it to me. It’s not a watch, but an integrated lifestyle device that slots in seamlessly among the iPad, iPhone etc.

Design-wise, as expected, it looks great. And I love the "digital crown" – a really clever way of using technology to update something we’re all familiar with.

Can’t wait to have a play.

Graeme Haig, design director, Lambie-Nairn