Apple defies gravity in whimsical ad by Jonathan Glazer

A runner dances above the clouds in spot for Apple Watch.

Heavyweight director Jonathan Glazer has shot a new ad for the Apple Watch that will premiere during the Brit Awards.

Launching on Wednesday evening during the awards’ live broadcast, "Flight" depicts the feeling of freedom that users can experience with the Apple Watch Series 4’s cellular connectivity.

In the film, a woman goes for a run with her Apple Watch on a blustery day. A gust of wind lifts her above the clouds, but she finds her footing and dances in the sky. As the wind dies down, she falls back to earth and lands in a mountain lake. 

Throughout this extraordinary event, the Apple Watch helps her stay connected in various environments.

Glazer worked with World Champion air dancer Inka Tiitto to choreograph the performance and bring to life the feeling of freedom and weightless movement.  

The British director is best known in advertising for Guinness’ groundbreaking 1999 spot "Surfers". Most recently he directed Squarespace’s 2018 Super Bowl ad, in which actor Keanu Reeves surfs on a motorcycle. 

In November, Apple released a film, directed by Dougal Wilson, which united Elvis impersonators around the world through the Group FaceTime function.