Apple iPhone ad banned for misleading viewers

LONDON - An ad for Apple's iPhone 3G has been banned for exaggerating the speed of its internet connection. by TBWA\London banned by TBWA\London banned

The TV ad, by TBWA\London, contained the claim that the phone could "download pretty much anything, really fast".

However, the Advertising Standards Authority said that the phone would not operate at the speeds shown in the ad.

Its judgement said: "Although we noted the on-screen text disclaimer, ‘network performance will vary by location', we considered that the visuals, in conjunction with the repeated use of the claim ‘really fast', were likely to lead viewers to believe that the device actually operated at or near to the speeds shown in the ad."?

Clearcast said it was assured by the agency that the visuals were an accurate demonstration of the speed of the network connection.

It also pointed out that the ad was qualified by the on-screen text: "Network performance will vary by location."

However, the ASA ordered that the ad was not shown again.