Apple, Microsoft, Samsung top FutureBrand ranking

Tech giants continue to top brand rankings across the board, with most performing better than classic brands Coke, Nike and Nestlé.

Apple: topping FutureBrand's ranking
Apple: topping FutureBrand's ranking

FutureBrand examines public perceptions of the top 100 brands, as determined by PwC's global top 100 companies.

Apple topped the brand rankings, followed by Microsoft, Samsung and Disney. The top five was rounded out by pharma company AbbVie. Facebook and Amazon also appeared in the top ten.

One of the big five tech players was missing, however. Alphabet, the parent company of Google, ranked only in 21st place. However, this is partly down to the newness of the brand, with Alphabet only incorporated in late 2015. FutureBrand noted that corporate name changes, when not related to reputational issues, can "hinder" perceptions.

No UK brand appeared in the top 10, with SABMiller the highest ranking in 15th place. There are only seven listed British companies on the list, including Unilever, Vodafone, GSK, BP, HSBC and British Tobacco.

The top 10 brands