Apple's Ads: How Steve Jobs built the world's most valuable brand

In tribute to Apple's Steve Jobs, who died last week, here's a look at how the brand has evolved through its ads.

1977: Apple introduces the Apple II
1977: Apple introduces the Apple II

Apple computer 1979

Edison 1981

Apple Macintosh 1984

Apple Power Macintosh 1994

Apple Media Forum 1995

Apple Powerbook 1996

Apple Message Pad 1997

Macintosh 1999

iPod - Jet 2003

Apple iTunes and Pepsi - I fought the law 2004

iPod your BMW 2004

Get a Mac 2006

'I'm a Mac' 2007

"iPhone How-To," 2007

iPhone 3G 2008

iPhone 3GS 2009

What is iPad 2010

iPad 2 2011

Ads created by Chiat/Day Advertising, TBWA\Chiat\Day and TBWA\Media Arts Lab.