Apple's iPad found to increase business productivity

Apple's iPad is increasing business productivity, with users claiming they spend more time working since they bought their device, according to new research.

IPad: majority of business users were interested in reading magazines on their tablet
IPad: majority of business users were interested in reading magazines on their tablet

A survey of more than 1,000 iPad users commissioned by digital customer engagement agency Seven (formerly Seven Squared), called ‘Generation I’, discovered owners who use iPads for business purposes say they spend 10% more time working.

Conducted by YouGov, the survey found that while 80% of business users of the iPad own a smartphone, 35% favoured using the iPad to work on while commuting and 40% using it when travelling for business.

Use of laptops among this audience was down 41%, compared to non-business iPad users, with 32% using their laptops less often.

Of iPad owners who used the device for business, 61% said they were interested in reading magazines on their tablet, compared to 45% of non-business iPad owners.

The survey showed that 21% of business iPad users have downloaded a paid-for magazine, which is double the number of non-business users who have downloaded them, at 10%.

Free magazines on the iPad were more popular with business user, with 41% having downloaded them, compared to 25% of non-business users.

Kevin Sutherland, director of strategy at Seven, said: "The recent findings from our survey demonstrate that the device is changing the way we work on the move, as commuters choose their iPads over their laptops, thanks to its ease of use, functionality and wide range of apps aimed at boosting productivity."

In March this year, Seven’s survey revealed that one in five male iPad users use it to read while on the toilet.