Apple's new Thanksgiving film beautifully inspires
A view from Lindsay Stein

Apple's new Thanksgiving film beautifully inspires

I'm not crying... you're crying.

Aside from being incredibly sentimental and watery-eye-inducing, the new Apple holiday film, "The surprise", is beautifully shot and includes a powerful message.

The ad, created by TBWA\Media Arts Lab and Smuggler, follows the story of a family trip to granddad's house for the holidays. To keep their two energetic daughters from pestering grandpa, the parents tell the girls to "watch something" on their iPad. It may seem like a waste of time for them to simply be consuming content on a screen, but they decide to tap into their own creativity and use the iPad to make a gift for grandpa.

The message? Technology can inspire creative-thinking and sometimes the best gifts are those from the heart. 

See how the sisters use the device in a unique, thoughtful way. Have tissues nearby.

If the concept of the film isn’t emotional enough, Apple’s use of the theme song from Pixar’s Up will surely pull at the heartstrings. 

While Apple is no stranger to producing high-quality, head-turning commercials ("1984", anyone?), the new film is the first from the tech giant in some time to really live up to its creative heritage. It draws viewers in and makes them want to share the piece with friends and family. Smart move right before Thanksgiving.

A version of this story first appeared on Campaign US