Appointment to View: Behind the scenes of the Times Plus campaign

The Times recently commissioned four artists to create images for a print campaign to promote it's Plus subscription package. Here's a look at the artists in action.

Earlier this year, the Times ran an ad on asking members to submit a photo and details about their favourite benefits of being a times+ member.

The News International-owned newspaper invited shortlisted readers to a casting with photographer Hamish Brown. Once the four readers were picked, an artist was matched to them, tasked with creating a piece of art based on their personality and favourite benefits.

Artist Brian Grimwood illustrated tea crates for reader Zoe King, Sue Blackwell created a paper hanging for Jane Pane, Simon Spillsbury painted canvases for John Backer and Amy Harris created paper hangings for Chantelle Osili.

They used techniques, such as canvas painting, creative and expressive art and objects to portray the different elements of the individual readers, inspired by their interests and experiences.

The aim of the campaign was to promote the offers available to Times Plus subscribers. It was created by CHI & Partners and launched in July. The campaign ran in News International titles, across the iPad editions and online.