Appointment to View: Nokia Lumia Live turns skyscraper into video canvas

Watch how Nokia lit up the Millbank Tower on the banks of River Thames at the launch of its Lumia 800 smartphone.

Nokia created a 4D-projection light show that made the tower appear to move, twist and dance in a half-hour show.

Agency Mission and 4D projectionists Drive Productions were behind the effects, which covered the 120-metre-high building.

The tower's 800 windows were covered with vinyl to enhance the light from 16 powerful projectors positioned 300 metres away on the other side of the river.

The free event took place in November and featured music from producer Deadmau5.

Jim Hudson, content production director, said: "We had 16 projectors. There are no lifts in the building, so all of the equipment had to be carried up nine floors by hand."

The projections gave the impression that huge butterflies were flying across the building, the tower was spinning around, falling down and completely changing shape.

Director Luke Losey said in the behind-the-scenes video: "My favourite bits are the building transitions where the building corkscrews and changes shape dramatically. They look so unbelievable against the London skyline."

The event was reported to be the biggest projection-mapping show ever seen in London.