Appointment to view: the Rugby World Cup ad scrum

As the Rugby World Cup gets underway this morning with New Zealand taking on Tonga, here's a round-up of ads from brands looking to convert the occasion into sales.

Guiness ad for the Rugby World Cup 2011
Guiness ad for the Rugby World Cup 2011

Guinness has created another of its epic ads, pulling out all the stops to promote the brand. A teaser of the ad was available on YouTube and published to its online presences yesterday (8 September) before it hit television.

O2 has enlisted the help of the England team to promote a rugby-related offer for customers who fancy a free breakfast to help them 'get up for England', with an ad created by VCCP.

Range Rover highlights its sponsorship but steers clear of the rugby theme.

Finally Heineken attempts to engender a feeling of brotherhood and camraderie across the world in its ad ringing in the tournament.