Arc London vaporises Lime with Bompas & Parr

Experiential and staffing agency Arc London marked the finale of its former brand name, Lime, by hosting an event yesterday (16 October) called the Vaporisation of Lime.

  • The jellies explode

    The jellies explode

  • Guests wearing protective plastic suits

    Guests wearing protective plastic suits

  • What was left of the jellies

    What was left of the jellies

  • Vaporisation of Lime

    Vaporisation of Lime

  • Vaporisation of Lime

    Vaporisation of Lime

  • Vaporisation of Lime

    Vaporisation of Lime


To kick off the rebranding event, staff from Arc London were welcomed to the nightclub area in the offices of parent agency Leo Burnett, where they were served gin and tonics with lime.

Sam Bompas, one part of food experience duo Bompas & Parr, spoke to the crowd about previous experiential events and about how the company has developed from making bespoke jellies to creating five-tonne chocolate waterfalls.

Bompas had made a selection of jellies filled with fluorescein, a dye that glows when placed under blue light, which were on display in the nightclub while staff tried some of his more flavoursome creations.

By way of marking the formal end of Lime, guests were advised to don protective plastic clothing before Bompas set charges on his edible work and, among chants of "death to Lime" by the crowd, exploded in front of guests.

Will Glynn-Jones, head of experiential at Arc, said: "Lime was a brand the group had for many years, but experiential is a key part of the group and it doesn’t belong on its own. The important thing for us was to communicate the power of creative experiences and we wanted to practice what we preach.

"Bompas & Parr is the absolute elite at what they do and as Arc we want to apply ourselves to ensure we are the elite at what we do, and I think we did that today."

Cathy Henderson, staffing director, said: "We are very fortunate in that we have quite a lot of speakers who come here, but I heard people saying that it’s the best event that they have had to date.

"Sam brought all of the elements of experiential into it, by getting us eating jelly and wearing the plastic suits. I’m chuffed to bits."

Glynn-Jones added: "If you can get 125 advertising execs cheering on a Wednesday, I think we have done alright."

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