Arena Media's MD sports leotard in 'love your contacts' spoof video

As history sadly recalls, so many agencies have made internal music videos and got them so very, very wrong.

Publicis London’s company rendition of 'I Gotta Feeling', Initiative’s 'Don’t Stop Me Now' and the master of them all, Ogilvy Athens performing 'A Ballad For David' in reverence to their founder, have left deep psychological wounds.

But we can put a plaster over them with Arena’s Barry White-inspired staff video, which, against all preconceptions, isn’t half-bad.

Despite (or perhaps because of?) slow-motion moments and the managing director, Henry Daglish, sporting a leotard, it somehow works. And in an industry that is a harsh judge of any creative work, let alone something self-indulgent, that’s something worth toasting.

Cabin fever outbreak

Agencies are known for the weird and wacky items that adorn their offices, but how about a meeting room made from bits of an old aeroplane?

This is the latest addition to Brothers and Sisters’ Clerkenwell HQ, much to the apparent delight of Andy Fowler (pictured), its creative chief.

The agency is featured in the Channel 4 show 'Kevin’s Supersized Salvage', in which Kevin McCloud challenges designers to turn an Airbus A320 into a range of recycled products. We were going to make an awful joke about how this will help the agency lift off, but it would probably go down like a tray of plane food.

Here’s Johnny Crash

MediaCom North’s John Marshall felt like he was walking on air at an industry awards night last week. Sadly for the commercial director, he had fallen off the stage when collecting the Best Media Buying Award on behalf of his team.

Diary understands his excuse – "the curtain and the carpet were the same colour" – failed to quell the laughter. But don’t worry, we’re assured the only thing bruised was John’s ego.