Argos invites nation to take up drumming at home in lockdown content series

Star of Christmas ad features in campaign.

The young drumming star from Argos’ Christmas ad returns for a campaign encouraging adults and children alike to get musical at home.

"Drum at home", by The & Partnership London, comprises a four-part content series running online for the past month that teaches people how to drum. The lessons cover making a drum kit from household items, basic tips and mastering the beat to Gotta Get Thru This by Daniel Bedingfield – a fitting track for the Covid-19 era.

The work features Nandi, the 10-year-old drummer who played a daughter conjuring an epic concert at home with her dad in Argos’ 2019 Christmas spot, and invites the nation to have a go at drumming themselves. A film featuring the best attempts premieres during ITV’s Britains Got Talent tonight (Saturday).

It was created by Owen Jenkins and Brodie King. PHD was the media agency for TV and Essence handled digital media.

"Drum at home" is part of the retailer’s wider platform encouraging Brits to have fun and spend time together at home during lockdown, with activities such as a den-making competition and entertaining kids with homemade hacks.

Yan Elliott, executive creative director at The & Partnership, said: "A 10-year-old, Argos and an army of pots, pans and pedal bins have joined forces. Bang the drum for the Great British public who have proved, once again, they can come together and get through anything."