Argos launches humorous walrus ad

TV viewers can watch a walrus talk to two Argos delivery penguins in the company's latest ad campaign.

The campaign launches this week and includes one 30-second ad and three 10-second ads created by CHI & Partners.

The first ad features two penguins delivering a sack full of fish to a walrus in the Antarctic. The voiceover explains: "Argos it, and home delivery is one price, no matter how many items you order."

The second ad shows the walrus telling the two worried-looking penguins to put two fishes next to a seal while the voiceover says "Argos it, and whatever we're delivering, we’ll put it wherever you choose."

The business, the UK's largest general goods high-street retailer, is currently holding a review of its digital account. The retailer appointed AAR to handle the pitch.