Argos releases alien swan song ad

Argos has given its alien family mascots a swan song ad before saying goodbye after three years.

The minute-long spot, which is hosted on YouTube and is being seeded on Twitter and Facebook, shows the dad of the alien family – voiced by the Pirates of the Caribbean actor Bill Nighy – singing My Way, while dressed in glam-rock clothing. As the dad sings, a montage of the aliens’ ads plays in the background.

The alien family first appeared in a Christmas campaign for Argos in 2011. The family continued to appear in ads, and in 2013, Argos ran a social media campaign asking people to name the new baby in the family after the alien dad gave birth.

CHI & Partners created the campaigns, which topped Marketing’s most recalled ads list in 2013.

The most recent ad was created by Tony Durston and directed Neil Harris through Smuggler.

Despite the success of the ads, CHI & Partners was forced to re-pitch for Argos’ £55 million advertising account – which it had held since 2005 – in December 2013, but managed to retain the business.