Arkwright drops ad work as HHCL/Red Cell rehires Bolton

Jim Bolton, the creative responsible for much of HHCL/Red Cell's iconic Tango work, has returned to the agency. As a result, Arkwright, the creative consultancy he helped found, is ditching its advertising assignments.

Bolton, 33, an art director, was involved in much of HHCL's trademark work for Pot Noodle, the AA and Birds Eye during a seven-year spell that ended in 2000.

But his most famous work was on Blackcurrant Tango's award-winning "St George" spot in which a Britvic executive challenges a French student to a boxing match on the White Cliffs of Dover.

Bolton set up Arkwright with Chas Bayfield, a fellow HHCL creative, in February 2001. "We were making a living but it was mostly on project work," Bolton said. "We didn't have the permanent client relationships that would have enabled us to grow."

Bayfield will keep the consultancy open but mostly for screenwriting and book projects, while continuing to work on freelance creative assignments.

At HHCL/Red Cell, Bolton will work with Ian Williamson, who formerly worked with Jonathan Burley, now the agency's creative director.

"The agency had been a bit down in the mouth but now seems to be buzzing again," Bolton said. "That's part of the attraction of coming back."