Arnd Pickhardt Lidl UK

Arnd Pickhardt

Lidl UK

Advertising and marketing director

A new entry to our Power 100, German-born Pickhardt has been busy repositioning the Lidl brand as more British, while challenging perceptions of its range and quality.

Last September, he led a transfor­m­ational £20m mark­eting campaign focusing on the brand’s quality, over­seeing a budget that has risen 400% year on year – outspending Tesco. Few brands have been as dis­rup­tive as Lidl in recent years, and Pickhardt says his biggest achievement has been managing a brand that has recorded the highest year-on-year growth of any supermarket, with more new customers than any other UK retailer. His sterling performance has brought him a plum job; Pickhardt is taking the top marketing role for Lidl’s German operation, its biggest market.

Voted the Power 100 Marketers’ Marketer of the Year

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