Art Fund hosts online treasure hunt as museums get green light for July reopening

Hunt will take place on Instagram.

Art Fund: Peacock, from Welcome Collection, features in hunt
Art Fund: Peacock, from Welcome Collection, features in hunt

Art Fund is aiming to drive interest in museums through a social media-based treasure hunt. The campaign comes as cinemas, museums and galleries in England prepare to reopen on 4 July following the latest government guidance this week.

Carolyn Young, director of marketing at Art Fund, said: "With doors currently closed, we wanted to connect our 159,000 members and wider public to great art and help them to explore museum collections from all over the country."

"Art find" is an online treasure hunt based on the collections held by museums in the UK. The hunt begins on Art Fund’s Instagram channel, with a series of clues leading followers around the Instagram pages of museums, with other clues hidden in backdated posts. To solve the clues, competitors will have to scroll through museum collections, encountering various pieces of art as they go.

Participants who get to the end of the hunt will have the chance to win a goodie bag filled with items from the gift shops of participating museums.

As the UK fundraising charity for art, Art Fund raises millions of pounds every year to help museums and galleries acquire and share works of art. It also runs a membership programme, National Art Pass, that allows members to pay an annual fee to receive free or subsidised entry to museums, galleries and historic places.

Young added: "We’ve been delighted with feedback from followers saying they’re planning to visit the new places in person once they reopen."

Ralph is delivering the project.