Art Fund 'national art pass' by 101

101 has launched the National Art Pass, which gives holders discounts and free access to museums and galleries, for the Art Fund.

The pass card is part of a campaign to help the Art Fund's drive to increase its funding to galleries and museums.

101 was responsible for developing the strategy and positioning,and devising the campaign idea, 'never without art'.

The agency also designed and art-directed the pass itself, created branding for the scheme and designed the membership packs and launch materials, including digital and poster advertising.

101 also created a package of products and materials designed to engage and inform gallery and museum staff about the new card, and is currentlyworking on new product development.

The pass, launched in April at £47 for an annual membership, gives people free access to over 200 charging museums, galleries and historic houses all across the UK and discounted access to major exhibitions.

Funds raised will go towards the charity’s funding programme, which is committing £7m a year to art institutions, up from £4.5m currently.