Artist Paul Cocksedge creates light show for Sony Bravia

LONDON - Artist Paul Cocksedge created a light installation at a one-day exhibition yesterday, which included four 'world first' Sony Bravia LCD TVs.

The exhibition included the world’s thinnest (ZX1), fastest (Z4500), wireless picture frame (EX1) and first OLED Sony Bravia models.

Tal Rosner, the BAFTA award winning filmmaker, created a short film that featured a montage of ‘world first’ TV moments, which played on the four screens.

The film was made up of TV clips including the first Miss Universe competition, the first time man landed on the moon, the first cloned sheep, and the first four-minute mile.

The installation, titled ‘R.G.B’, used R.G.B lights found inside televisions.  Cocksedge shone a red, a green, and a blue light across the venue.  All three lights met at a white dot above the four hanging TVs. 

Christian Brown, Sony’s (UK) TV senior product manager, said: "Tal has captured the original spirit of poignant world first moments so that the audience is left with the feeling of genuine excitement that comes from viewing something incredible for the first time."

The one-day exhibition took place yesterday at the The Tramshed in Shoreditch.