ASA bans ads

LONDON - Three ads for the price comparison site have been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority.

The first two ads, which appeared in September as sponsored links on Google, stated: "We compare more than anyone else. Compare 1,000+ car insurance quotes."

The TV ad, which was broadcast in November, featured a man saying: "When you visit, you can compare the prices from more car insurance companies than any other comparison website."

The rival site challenged whether the ads were misleading as they believed they compared quotes from a higher number of car insurance providers than provided the ASA with evidence of three-monthly reviews of their marketing claims as well as explaining that they checked Moneysupermarket’s website once a month.

The ASA noted that the price comparison market was subject to fluid and regular changes.

The watchdog felt that for this reason, Gocompare would have to demonstrate on a monthly basis that they provided a higher number of quotes than their competitors for a sustained period of time.

Moneysupermarket submitted a monthly breakdown to the ASA of their own car insurance provider counts against Gocompare’s, which served to substantiate Moneysupermarket’s complaint.

The ASA concluded that the ads were likely to mislead and instructed Gocompare that the ads should not be shown again in their current form and future claims must be based on more robust evidence.