ASA bans Jamster ads from television before 9pm to protect children

The Advertising Standards Authority has banned Jamster, the company behind The Crazy Frog, from showing its ads before 9pm.

Eighty viewers complained to the ASA that the ads did not clearly explain that making a payment automatically signed customers up to a subscription service. Sixty-four of these people, plus a further 180 viewers, complained that the ads particularly targeted young children.

A further 33 viewers said that they had received large mobile phone bills as a result of their children downloading ringtones.

Jamster maintained that, because the ads used a plural when describing the "Jamster Clubs", it was reasonable to assume the viewer would understand that a membership arrangement was intrinsic to joining a club.

Jamster also claimed an internal survey had found the average age of a Jamster Club member to be 32.6 years old.