ASA bans Wanadoo and moves Marmite

The Advertising Standards Authority has banned M&C Saatchi's latest Wanadoo ad and ruled that DDB London's current Marmite spot not be shown around children's programming.

The Wanadoo execution, set in a scrapyard full of wrecked and smashed cars, features a group of teenagers dancing, laughing and shouting. The final shot shows a girl and boy on the back-seat French kissing.

Sixty-two viewers believed the French kiss was too explicit and 12 viewers were concerned the ad showed young people playing in a dangerous environment.

The ASA banned the ad on the strength of the latter complaints.

DDB's Marmite spot, meanwhile, will have to adjust its broadcast schedule following complaints that it scared children. It shows a huge dollop of Marmite chasing residents of smalltown America in a spoof of the 50s classic movie The Blob.

Six viewers complained to the ASA because they felt the ad was unsuitable to be shown on a children's TV channel and around children's shows.