ASA gives thumbs up to Kronenbourg's knife-wielding chefs

LONDON - A TV ad for Kronenbourg 1664 lager, featuring a group of chefs slicing bubbles, has been cleared of condoning knife violence.

The veteran director Tony Kaye directed the ad, which promoted the brand's claim that its lager contained smaller bubbles than that of its rivals.

Eight viewers complained to the Advertising Standards Authority that the ad encouraged violence, and linked alcohol with aggressive or antisocial behaviour.

One complained that the ad linked drinking with an activity which was potentially dangerous after drinking alcohol.

The ASA rejected the complaints, saying: "The ASA understood that there were serious concerns about knife crime, particularly in light of a number of recent high-profile stabbings.

"We did not dismiss those concerns lightly, however we considered that the ad showed knives in an entirely different context."

It said the knives were not depicted as weaponry and the chefs did not engage in threatening, violent or antisocial behaviour while chopping.