ASA raps PaddyPower for ageist and offensive ads

LONDON - PaddyPower, the Irish bookmaker, has been reprimanded by the ASA for an advertising poster about betting on whether two old ladies would make it across the street before being hit by an oncoming truck.

The poster featuring two old ladies crossing the road with a truck moving towards them. The words "2/1" and "evens" appeared next to each of the women and a caption read, "Let's make things more interesting. PaddyPower& Ireland's biggest bookmaker."

The ASA deemed the ad deemed ageist and offensive and upheld complaints that the betting odds referred to each woman's chances of being knocked down by the truck or reaching the other side of the road safely.

The advertising watchdog received 49 complaints from the public and Age Concern about the ad.

The ad was found to be demeaning of older people. The watchdog ruled that the ad was likely to cause serious or widespread offence and PaddyPower was ordered to withdraw the poster and consult the watchdog before it advertises again.