ASA rejects 'racist' Orbit ad complaints

The Advertising Standards Authority has rejected complaints against the Wrigley chewing gum brand Orbit that accused it of being "offensive and racist" because it showed people from ethnic minorities behaving "foolishly" in front of white people.

The campaign, created by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, escaped censure because the ASA believed its humour was not at the expense of those featured from ethnic minorities. In April, the launch campaign for Trident - Cadbury's rival chewing gum brand - was pulled off the air after the ASA found it guilty of racial stereotyping.

Separately, the regulator upheld complaints that Clarins had misled consumers in a press campaign for its Expertise 3P product, which centred on the brand's claims that electromagnetic waves from household appliances could damage or age skin.

The ASA ruled that Clarins only provided evidence relating to mobile phones, not other appliances, and that it did not supply enough evidence to substantiate the anti-ageing and pro-health claims.

It also rejected complaints against a BMW ad that showed spoof car technologies as part of an April Fool's Day campaign.