ASA restricts "offensive" road safety TV ad

LONDON - A TV ad created by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO as part of a road safety campaign has been pulled from all slots before the 9pm watershed.

Think...road safety ad shown at wrong time
Think...road safety ad shown at wrong time

Although the ad had originally been restricted to appear after 9pm, when cleared by Clearcast, two spots were aired during an episode of The Simpsons on Channel 4 before 9pm.

The ad, which depicts in graphic detail the impact on a man’s internal organs during a head-on collision, has been deemed too graphic to be viewed at a time when children are likely to be the prime audience.

Channel 4 apologised for its error, and for any offence caused. It immediately pulled the ad from all slots scheduled to air before 9pm.

The ASA noted the swift response from Channel 4 and advised that the ad must not be aired before 9pm again, as the close-up of the internal organs shown was unsuitable to be seen by children.