ASA slaps watershed restriction on naked Beyoncé ad

A television ad for Beyoncé's perfume Heat has been restricted to being aired after 7.30pm by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) after complaints it was too sexy for young children.

The ad for Coty, which makes and distributes the perfume, was created by Lairds and Partners. It received 14 complaints by viewers who thought the ad, which nearly reveals the pop singer’s breasts, might cause offence or be unsuitable for children.

The provocative ad shows the pop sensation lying naked on a massage table massaging herself with oil before walking through a room in a revealing chiffon red dress. The song 'Fever', sung by Beyoncé, is playing over the top of the ad.

While the ad had an ex-kids scheduling restriction, meaning it could not be broadcast in or around children’s programming, it was deemed by the ASA as "sexually provocative" and "was unsuitable to be seen by young children", though not offensive.

The ad cannot now be shown before 7.30pm.