ASA takes "too noisy" ads off air

LONDON - Three ads aired during Catherine Cookson drama, The Round Tower, on UKTV's Yesterday channel have been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority for exceeding the recommended sound levels.

ASA ...watchdog rules against noisy ads
ASA ...watchdog rules against noisy ads

The ASA monitoring team challenged whether the ads shown were excessively noisy, and too noisy in comparison with the surrounding programme material.

Yesterday explained its transmission house, Red Bee Media, used a subjective loudness meter which ensured a standard audio level was in place for ads.

The ads in questions had exceeded this level during their programming. Red Bee Media said it transmitted ads for several broadcasters and had applied a consistent reference level to all ads.

Yesterday acknowledged the inconsistency in levels was in part due to the quiet nature of the drama but also because the overall programme levels were low. It said it would adjust the levels to minimise future loudness discrepancies in its programming.

The ASA considered the ads were excessively noisy in comparison with the programme and told Yesterday to ensure its output levels for future ads complied with the CAP Code.