Asda aims to go 'chavtastic' for confectionery range

LONDON - Asda has reportedly made an application to register a trademark for the word 'chav' for its confectionery range.

The supermarket giant already markets a range of sweets called Whatever, a variation on the Lovehearts range, which includes slang phrases like "minger", "bothered" and "mint" in place of the more traditional "hug me", "kiss me" and "be mine".

It is understood Asda has been encouraged by the popularity of its Whatever product and now intends to take things a step further by introducing a trademarked Chav brand for its confectionery.

Asda, which has Wayne Rooney's wife-to-be Coleen McLoughlin as the face of the company, could extend Chav branding across its clothes and home furnishings range -- providing its trademark application is successful.

An Asda spokesperson said: "We will start off with the trademark on sweets to see what the response is from the public."

Chav culture has been popularised over the last three years by programmes such as 'Little Britain', which features a tracksuited character called Vicki Pollard, and 'The Catherine Tate Show', which coined the catchphrase "Am I bothered?".

Asda's decision to embrace chav culture is something of an unprecedented move for a UK company. Clothing giants Prada and Burberry have reportedly spent millions of pounds trying to disassociate themselves from chav connotations.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, chav means: "A designer-label wearing youth from the underclass of society."

An Asda spokesperson added: "We thought we needed to give [chavs] some respect and have decided to trademark our sweets."

Objectors have three months to respond to Asda's application for the Chav trademark.

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