Asda "That's Asda price" by AMV BBDO

Asda has revived its signature pocket-tap motif in the latest iteration of the supermarket's 'Asda price' campaign.

The decidely meta spot features a family attempting to create its own Asda ad. While neighbour Christine is chuffed to make a cameo in their amateur spot, the dad of the family (Sunny) is more concerned with how much he has saved on the weekly shop, prompting him to execute a near-perfect pocket tap while simultaneously saying "pocket tap", as is custom.

It ends with an updated version of the "Asda price" jingle. The ad will make its TV debut on Friday (4 September) during Lorraine on ITV.

The work was created by Clark Edwards and Andre Hull, and directed by Juliet May through Merman. Media is handled by Spark Foundry.