Ashes and Wimbledon set for free-to-air TV list

LONDON - David Davies, the former executive director of the FA, is this week expected to call for a "radical" reshuffle of the current list of sports that are reserved for coverage on free-to-air television channels.

Ashes...expected to be added to free-to-air TV list
Ashes...expected to be added to free-to-air TV list

Davies' recommendations come following a ten-month review period conducted by a panel of sports stars and broadcasters, with the findings being delivered to the Department of Culture, Media and Sport this week.

Currently, events such as the FA Cup final, the Olympic Games and the Grand National are reserved for live coverage on free-to-air channels, but the Ashes and the early rounds of Wimbledon are not.

The panel is now expected to also call for both competitions to be added to the list, as well as international football qualifiers.

Some events that are currently reserved, such as the rugby league cup final and the Epson Derby, may be dropped from the list, posing a real threat to how easily that the competitions attract sponsorship.