Aston Martin hunts agency for Cygnet debut

LONDON - Aston Martin, the luxury sports car manufacturer, is looking for an agency to handle the launch advertising for its Cygnet city car.

Cygnet…advertising will focus on digital and DM
Cygnet…advertising will focus on digital and DM

A number of integrated ad agencies have been contacted, with pitches for the business planned to take place in the coming months.

Aston Martin, which does not currently work with a retained advertising agency, will ask the appointed agency to put a particular emphasis on digital and direct marketing.

Aston Martin is launching the Cygnet model to tap into the small-car market. It is a joint venture with Toyota, and the car is based on the latter's iQ model. Research by the company has shown that a large proportion of Aston Martin drivers also own a smaller car, such as a Mini or smart car, which they use for their inner-city commutes or to do the shopping.

Reports suggest that the Cygnet will cost around £30,000 and feature a low-emission economical engine, enabling Aston Martin to position the model as environmentally friendly.

The car is expected to launch towards the end of the year, and will initially be made available only to existing Aston Martin customers.