Audi campaign compares A6 evolution with space race

LONDON - Audi highlights how it has filed more patents than Nasa in its pursuit of the perfect car in the brand's latest advertising campaign.

Created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty, the £5m campaign is to break on TV, print and outdoor this week.

The TV ad opens on an old man in the Mid West, who is walking home from work. He senses a strange object passing miles above his head, and looks up to see a streak of light burning through space.

Then, a view from space is seen with glints of metal and the curvature of the earth as a metallic craft hurtles through the atmosphere. This is accompanied by footage of the Earth far below. It looks like a space shuttle is entering earth's atmosphere. Words appear, stating: "To date, Nasa have filed 6,509 patents."

As the "space shuttle" returns, the film reveals that it is actually an Audi A6. The car parachutes down into the Pacific Ocean and glides over the camera. The voiceover says "To get to the A6, Audi have filed 9,621 patents".

The spot ends with the words: "The Audi A6. Patent number: V0R5PRU7NG DUR6CH T3CHN1K."

Chris Hawken, brand communications manager of Audi UK, said: "This new campaign perfectly illustrates the lengths Audi goes to in order to build a state-of-the-art car. Audi pushes the boundaries in technological terms: Nasa may be at the cutting edge of space travel, but Audi are at the cutting edge of car design."

The patent idea is brought to life online by Good Technology to support the campaign. It can be viewed at

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