'Augmented reality' tops Bing's most-searched buzzwords in 2015

Microsoft search engine Bing has announced the phrase 'Augmented reality' (AR) was the most-searched for marketing industry buzzword of 2015.

AR allows consumers to blend the real and virtual worlds (Creative Commons: Tom)
AR allows consumers to blend the real and virtual worlds (Creative Commons: Tom)

The number one term was closely followed by 'Real-time' at number two and 'Personalisation' at number three. 'Content marketing' and 'Social Marketing' came in at four and five.

It appears marketers have been taking what they learnt online on-board this year, with a wide range of brands having experimented with AR to engage consumers. In November alone, both Sky Movies and John Lewis hosted activations that featured the tech, with the latter creating a mobile-led experience surrounding its Man On The Moon campaign.

Other brands that utilised AR in 2015 included the Scottish Government, which used the tech to demonstrate the harmful effects of smoking, and The Pokémon Company, which devised an app that let consumers experience their own ‘Pokémon, Go!’ moment. Lego also heavily embraced AR with its Imagination Factory activation.

Discussing Bing’s findings, Ravleen Beeston, sales director at the company’s Adwords department, said: "Marketers in 2015 were faced with the challenge of reaching the consumer at the right time with the right content on the right device. And moving into 2016, these challenges aren’t going away.

"Figuring out how consumers want to be engaged with in each of their different environments and understanding the consumer decision journey and path of intent is more important than ever before."

Read more about activations that featured the third most-searched for buzzword, personalisation, here.

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