Australia: Around the world, creative style

John Mescall, executive creative director, McCann Australia talks to Campaign about creativity in the Belgium and shows us an image that illustrates the country's creativity at its best.

When I think of a defining characteristic that influences creative output in Australia, I keep coming back to this: independence of thought.

This is a country and culture that in many ways is still finding itself, and we don’t really have any fixed idea of what kind of creative output we’re meant to produce. We have no past masters, no real heritage to live up to.

Whether it be food, art, literature or commercial creativity such as advertising, we are keenly aware of our relative isolation and independence. So we give ourselves the freedom to explore – to "have a go", as an old Australian expression so succinctly puts it.

I think, when you combine geographical isolation with an adventurous spirit and a natural inclination towards independent thought, you get the perfect environment in which to do great work. Especially in an age when the entire global community is so damn connected and uniqueness is so hard to find, you really need to come at things with a free spirit in order to create anything that will stand out.