Authenticate your brand with a Guinness World Records Judge

Authenticate your brand with a Guinness World Records Judge

With the summer holidays fast approaching, we thought you may be interested in hearing about some record title ideas that you could attempt this summer.

From the largest gathering of people dressed as Spiderman to raise money for the Help the Heroes charity, to the largest scrum for the launch of ticket sales at the Rugby World Cup - there's a tailor-made record title to fit any event!

10 Guinness World Records title ideas to break in summer 2015:

1. Longest chain of people licking ice cream
2. Largest photo shoot of people wearing bikinis
3. Largest cream tea
4. Longest line of bunting
5. Longest limbo dance
6. Longest time keeping breach balls in the air
7. Fastest 100m wearing flip flops
8. Largest cocktail making lesson
9. Fastest time to pack a suitcase
10. Largest sand castle

Creating an official Guinness World Record event is the perfect catalyst for live engagement, digital dialogue, content creation and PR. The event can sit at the heart of a multi-platform marketing campaign.

This is the unique opportunity to invite a Guinness World Records judge to your record-breaking event to add authority and attract media attention. This solution is highly engaging and increases the emotional connection between your brand and your audience - it truly makes everyone stop and take notice of your message.

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