Autoglass brings back Gavin Jenks for TV ad

Autoglass is offering customers a free MOT with windscreen repair and replacements in its latest ad campaign.

The offer supports Autoglass’s partnership with Halfords Autocentre and aims to underline the importance of windscreen maintenance.

Radioville created the 10- and 30-second spots, Gregg Masuak directed them and Outlook Creative Group produced the ads. The campaign will run from today to 15 September across national television and radio channels.

Autoglass technician Gavin Jenks, the star of the 2008 Autoglass "heroes" advertising, returns as the face of the campaign. Jenks gained an online fan base following the 2008 campaign, made up largely of female fans.

The new campaign is set in an Autoglass repair shop, with Jenks explaining why a damaged windscreen can mean a failed MOT.

André May, the sales and marketing director at Autoglass, said: "Autoglass is widely recognised for its high-quality customer service and technical knowledge, so it has always been important for us to place our technicians at the forefront of the business.

"Gavin’s role in this ad highlights the role that all of our technicians play in ensuring the safety of motorists. He hasn’t been seen on the small screen for a while, so we hope his return will be welcomed by our customers, as well as those making the most of our partnership with Halfords."