Avenue A lands BHF healthy eating brief

The British Heart Foundation is to move its Food4Thought campaign online in a bid to combat digital marketing by food and drink manufacturers, and has appointed Avenue A-Razorfish to handle the account.

The agency was appointed after a five-way pitch and will develop a campaign to target children, particularly those aged 11-13, with messages about healthy eating.

The heart charity's most recent campaign, created by Bright Blue Day, picked up a silver at the 2007 Campaign Poster Awards for its image of a girl drinking from a bottle of cooking oil.

Betty McBride, the British Heart Foundation's director of policy and communications, said: "The online world feels like a Wild West environment for junk-food marketers. We're going to use that battleground ourselves now and deploy sophisticated techniques to get our message across to help children make informed choices."

A government report issued last month estimated that around half the population could be obese by 2050.