Axe launches campaign against weekend-only users

Axe, the Unilever body spray brand known as Lynx in the UK, has released two films encouraging men to embrace the weekdays that everyone else hates.

Bartle Bogle Hegarty created the ads, which are called "Monday" and "Wednesday", and will first air in Latin American, Australia and New Zealand, before running in the UK sometime next year.

The films show humorously extreme examples of men living life to its fullest on the days that everyone else just wishes would end – Mondays and Wednesday. The commercial message behind the campaign is that fragrances are not just for weekend use.

Gary McCreadie, a creative director at BBH, said: "With Axe’s new range of fine fragrance bodysprays, you can feel like a boss every day of the week. These ads are a pep talk to guys to go after Monday and knock Wednesday out of the park. To take advantage of the days where no one else tries."

The work was created by Peter Reid, Carl Broadhurst, Charlene Chandrasekaran and Dan Morris, and directed by Jonas & Francois through Riff Raff. Mindshare handled the media.