Axe washes away the evidence

Unilever has introduced 'The Cleaner', the man whose job it is to clean up any tell-tale signs of partying, in a new campaign for its Axe brand (known as Lynx in the UK) in Argentina.

In one film a man wakes up to find himself covered in glitter, with a woman in his bed and a total mess in his front room. He calls The Cleaner who comes around to remove any traces of the party before his girlfriend gets back.

The Cleaner tidies up the man's apartment, removing all the knickers and putting the mystery woman into a cab while the man uses Axe shower gel to wash away all the evidence from the party.

The second film features two men who have had a party in their boardroom. The Cleaner arrives with Axe for them to wash with, tidies up the boardroom and even prepares the men's presentation for them.

The films were created by Lowe/Ponce Buenos Aires, directed by Rafael López Saubidet and produced by Argentina Cine. The art director was Hernan Cerderio and copywriter Ariel Serkin.

The unsubtitled films are available to watch on the Axe Facebook site and at Axe's Argentinian website at

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