Babycare brand Coterie shows the gritty reality of parenthood

The spot, created by BBDO, puts a modern spin on traditional parenting books.

The path to parenthood can be tricky, and even the most informative of parenting books can’t prepare you for reality. 

Babycare brand Coterie spotlighted those struggles in its spot, "The Modern Guide to Parenthood." The two-minute short film shows how things like failed pregnancy tests and hormone injections can make the baby making process stressful. 

The spot is interspersed with chapter titles reminiscent of traditional parenting books, which offer advice like "have sex for fun" and "keep a positive attitude." In contrast, one couple schedules sex while a gay couple must wait to find out if their surrogate is pregnant. 

But the stress is worth it and both couples welcome healthy babies. "Welcome to parenthood no matter how you got here," the tagline reads. 

Carissa Gallo and her husband, Andrew Gallo, directed the spot. The couple have both biological and adopted children.

Coterie is also selling "Not Another Parenthood Guide," a collection of 17 stories from parents on issues like surrogacy, transmasculine pregnancy and more.